If you’re the typical 40-year-old, you have a full-time job, a family, and other social obligations  that preclude you from attending to training as you once did at 20. You  now have a busier lifestyle and unpredictable schedule complications.  There’s a good chance that you want to accomplish with your training has  shifted as well. You no longer wish to be the biggest, baddest dude in  the gym. You simply want to add some muscle, lose some fat, and do it  all pain free.  



Program design when i get all the info i need. We will  talk to go over the specifics. This usually takes 4-5 days for me to dial in your plan.  



The first week of the new training program. We will be in communication about your workouts / foods / lifestyle. Texting me any questions anytime. We will make adjustments if needed. 



You will be sending me update photos every friday or saturday morning. No weighting yourself... just photos.  Communication is key.  FaceTime checkins every week. 



Once the program is over and you achieved your goal. Maintaining it is a challenge. We will go over that process.